Maria Vovchok

Managing Director at World of Web3 Summit

Maria Vovchok, Managing Director at World of Web3 Summit, Ambassador at Blockchain Association of Ukraine, MC/Host at Blockchain and business events. Maria is a journalist passionate about Blockchain technology. She has over nine years of experience as a journalist and a news presenter. Maria has been in the crypto space for more than four years now, working as a news editor and anchor in several crypto media, and later – for Blockchain companies in marketing and pr-departments. Moreover, previously, she was also building relations between VCs, angel investors, and startup entrepreneurs.
Maria is a moderator and a host at multiple IT- and Blockchain conferences. She is an Ambassador of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine, a member of the international organization ”Blockchain Ladies,” and ”Women on Tech.” Right now, Maria is a Managing Director at the World of Web3 Summit in Dubai, UAE.

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