Blockchain for Finance Professionals September 6-7, 2021


Eric Cohen

Mr. Eric Cohen is the proprietor of Cohen Computer Consulting, a consultancy focused on emerging accounting and audit technologies, including audit data standards, Blockchain, continuous audit, robotic process automation, sustainability and XBRL. His practice has focused on helping growing businesses cope with, and benefit from, information technology. He is perhaps best known as “the XBRL Guy”, … Continue reading Eric Cohen

Vinod Kashyap

Mr. Vinod Kashyap is the Co-founder & Director of NextGen Knowledge Solutions Private Ltd., a company focused on providing XBRL services in UK, Ireland, Singapore and India. The company is also working on digitalization of tax systems, emerging accounting and audit technologies, including audit data standards, audit data analytics, Blockchain etc.  He is National Expert … Continue reading Vinod Kashyap

Session – I 6-9-2021

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

  • History of Blockchain and Bitcoin
  • Blockchain Vs. Bitcoin
  • What is Blockchain
  • Features of Blockchain Technology
  • Advantages of Blockchain
  • Types of Blockchain
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Session – II 6-9-2021

Blockchain Eco-system

  • Core Technologies of Blockchain
  • Cryptography
  • Peer2Peer Network
  • Consensus Mechanism
  • Smart Contracts
  • Enterprise Blockchain
  • Popular Enterprise & BAAS Players

Session – III 7-9-2021

Blockchain Applications & Disruption

  • Applications of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Use Cases – Banking, Insurance & Taxes
  • Implementation Challenges
  • How Blockchain is bringing Disruption in Financial Sector?
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Session – IV 7-9-2021

Impact on Accounting & Auditing

  • Introduction
  • Impact of Blockchain on Accounting
  • Need for Auditing Blockchain Transactions
  • Risks and Challenges
  • Blockchain Audit Approach
  • Blockchain Auditing Framework