Jill Richmond

Strategy Consultant

Jill Richmond is a strategy consultant and thought leader on emerging technology. She is working with new leaders and high growth areas of technology and policy in blockchain, artificial intelligence, Web 3.0., DeFi, NFT’s, governance, distributed ledger technology, digital assets, crypto, digital identity, e-commerce, fintech, data policy, cross-border data, data privacy, data for common purpose, data intermediaries, ethics and bias in tech and data, social impact, equity, & inclusion. Ms. Richmond is formerly the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer for Jewel, a proposed digital asset bank providing banking services with a stablecoin-based payments and settlement system, facilitating access to both traditional payment rails and blockchain-enabled payment rails over a single API. Ms. Richmond is an Advisory Board Member and Chair of the U.S. Advocacy Sub-committee for the Global Digital Asset & Currency Association. A three-time technology founder, Ms. Richmond also previously worked with the World Bank Group and the U.S. Senate. Ms. Richmond holds an MSc. in Development Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies and is an alumna of Rutgers University with Certificates from University of Oxford and University of Cape Town. Her thoughts have appeared in Forbes, Distributed and Bitcoin Magazine contributor, where she wrote about the impact of emerging technology.