Mru Patel

Founder and Chairman, MyTokenized.Capital
Board Member, Royal Family Office of Sheikh Ahmad bin Al Qassimi UK

Mr. Mru Patel is a business visionary, disruptor, fearless serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and award winning public speaker with skills and experience across various markets. He is a graduate in Computer studies and has over 35 years of experience in technology, property investments and development, plus over 20 years of experience with Blue Chip organizations like IBM, Sun Microsystems (Oracle) and Siemens.

He is a wise and brave risk-taker who has risen from the ashes many times in his career. He has lived and worked on 4 continents and is a true global citizen. His role and responsibilities varied from the early days in his career of technical specialist and project management of major multimillion dollar clients in Finance, Banking and Public Sector to Retail, Travel and Hospitality and several other sectors. Later, he managed new business and “impossible deals” to spearhead world’s first outsourcing and PFI deals in the UK public sector market. His wins and business accounts management were over £3B. He later left the corporate world to setup his own Property Investment Fund in Eastern Europe in 2004, as the first major independent fund in Romania, with property and lands of over 100Ha and buildout plan of over €200M.

Mru Patel’s professional journey continued in the revolutionary blockchain field, post the property and financial crisis of 2008. The journey to his vision of “be your own bank and wealth manager” started as a proud leader and visionary for Open Source movement with Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. Since then, Mru has consulted, worked with or worked for world renowned Fortune 500 companies. His track record as an investor is impeccable as well.

He has personally invested in, developed and portfolio managed projects in Europe, UK, USA, India and EU emerging markets. He is also involved in numerous investments that include blockchain and cryptocurrencies, various listed ISAs and Pension funds.

He has been involved in several startups at board and advisory level in technology companies starting in the late 1990s and continued with digital banking, DeFi, crypto exchanges, asset tokenization, wealth creation, AI/ML based trading bots, all-in-one smart Java cards and digital marketing.

Mru Patel has spoken to over 1 million audience at hundreds of events around the world, ranging from public sector global events to open source, dot-com, java, real estate and investments on topics as asset backed tokens, future of banking, governance and regulations into the crypto and Blockchain market, future of stablecoins, asset-backed tokens, ICO, STO, IEOs, fund raising. He has also spoken at several charities and personal development topics as part of his “give back to the community” ethos.

Over the past five years, Mru Patel has also been involved in several blockchain and crypto based startups in the fintech, wealthtech, edutech and proptech space, at a board level as well as having advisory roles.

For the past 2 years, Mru Patel has focused on developing My Tokenized Capital (MYTC), a platform driven by the fundamental idea of creating a more balanced wealth distribution in the society where the main stakeholders, creators and users are rewarded fairly. To make this possible, the platform is using the power of decentralization. This ecosystem will facilitate direct connection between the creators and their fans while rewarding everyone in the ecosystem through its state-of-the-art Community rewards protocol (CRP). As an innovative entrepreneur, he has always focused on disruption. In MYTC, disruption would be achieved by creating a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) based platform that would act as a bridge between creators and their followers, cementing them with the automatic sharing of revenuesMru Patel Speaker Bio

Mru Patel has spoken at hundreds of events around the world, ranging from wealth creation to real estate, internet, Java, startups investments and many other topics in the current blockchain market as asset-backed tokens, future of banking, governance and regulations into the crypto, future of stablecoins, ICO, STO, IEOs, fund raising, DeFi marketplace, trading systems, digital banking and exchanges, non-fungible tokens, etc.

Some of the recent events Mru Patel participated in include: TEDx, Blockchain Economic Forum Singapore and San Francisco, CC Forum London, World Blockchain STO Summit Dubai, Trescon World Blockchain Summit Dubai, AIBC Summit Malta, AIBC Summit Dubai, plus organising, hosting and moderating Romania Blockchain Summit in Bucharest and various events organised by British Blockchain Association at Institute of Directors in London, where he is also a co-founder. Mru Patel took part in a Futures Exchange event in Beijing, where he had a speech and a discussion alongside Daryl Guppy about trading systems tools and analysis. During the Covid19 pandemic, he participated in numerous online events, always active in the blockchain and crypto space.

As a proud Kenyan born, he had a keynote speech at Africa Blockchain Week 2021 where he emphasized the value of decentralised technology for the community and also hosted a panel alongside African artists who presented their success stories to inspire the continent. At AIBC Dubai 2021 he created the first tokenised stand where he did Nasdaq interviews alongside New York financial journalist Jane King and showcased innovative art. At the event, he won the award for Best Tokenized Asset 2021 for MYTC platform.

Mru Patel is never shy of his vocal opinions in any debate or panel discussion, seen as a true thought leader, not a follower.