Solomon Mwamba

Founder of Majestic Coin, USA

Mwamba Solomon Wa Ngoy

Mwamba also known as “Sol” is a true son of the soil. His drive and ambition in life is led by a strong desire to see Africa prosper economically, emotionally and spiritually. Mwamba has dedicated his life to bringing justice to the underserved in Africa. With his extensive expertise in the business world, Mwamba has put together a robust team to lead the charge for a New Africa by implementing strategies for economic and infrastructural growth. Solomon is the recent Forbes award recipient for Top Crypto Innovator 2021.

Company Profile:
o Founder of Majestic Coin.
o CEO of Royal House Investment Group.
o CO-Owner of Royal House FX (A global crypto and forex trading platform)
o CEO of Royal House Consulting. (A top tier trade finance and project
development company).
o Founder of Zakai Filtrations. (An international air and water filtration company
serving residents, companies, governments and various military branches).
o Partner in Felix Holding. (A parent company to Savannah Solutions, and
Magnolia Cabinetry).
o Partner in East African Islamic Bank

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