Vipin Bharthan

Principal Consultant, DLT, USA

Mr. Vipin Bharathan has 35 years of experience as a developer, development manager, product owner and project manager in many different domains, including insurance, embedded systems programming, cryptography, payment systems, media, fx trading and most recently in fixed income. Vipin is currently working with the Digital Currency Global Initiative (DCGI), an ITU and Stanford project; as team leader of the Interoperability workstream inside the Policy and Governance Working Group. DCGI is working on technical standards. Vipin is a Forbes special contributor on Crypto-currencies, Blockchain, Financial Market Infrastructure, CBDCs and privacy. Vipin is a co-author of a paper on CBDCs that proposes a unique dual framework pattern for CBDCs.

For the last five years Vipin Bharathan has been working as a technical strategist and advisor for Digital Transformation. Recently he helped create a standards based Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) proof of concept in Hyperledger labs which he demonstrated to organizations like the Bank of England, IBM and the World Bank. Vipin Bharathan’s top skill is to function as a bridge between technologists, business and regulators. Vipin is equally comfortable with software developers and CEOs. Vipin Bharathan is a proponent of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and has been involved with Hyperledger since its inception; now he is the chair of the Identity Working Group and founder and chair of the Capital Markets Special Interest Group. He has spoken at the Columbia University school of law FOSS conference on emergent effects of technology solutions.

Vipin Bharathan has a B. Tech in Aerospace Engineering and a M. Tech in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering both from Indian Institute of Technology, Madra

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